Session 2

Chola got up early and practiced her forms before dawn, and meditated outside until Ocarin and Rhivanya showed up. They got there at the agreed-upon hour with mounts for all three of them. Rhivanya then gave Chola some tips on how to ride, something she had never done up to this point. They departed to the northwest, following the path of the kobolds that Ocarin had tracked down the night before.

They hid their horses in a small copse of trees southeast of the kobold camp. Upon approaching the camp, they circled around to the north, nearest to the tent where they suspected the girl (Akoni) was. The kobolds had a single member of their band on watch, but the rest were asleep during the day (being nocturnal creatures). The three successfully sneaked up on the camp, Chola dispatching the kobold in the tent with Akoni, and the other two felling the guard. They had almost escaped when Akoni tripped and yelped, alerting the remaining kobolds to their presence. This ended in a battle in which all of the kobolds were slain, and Ocarin and Chola took a couple of hits but were not seriously wounded.

Arriving safely back at town, the three brought Akoni to her overjoyed father, who promised any service he could render to them in thanks for saving his daughter. A very saddle-sore Chola requested his aid in adjusting to her new mounted lifestyle.

Ocarin and Rhivanya met up with Chola back in the inn, and asked her to accompany them and assist in escorting a convoy of harvest goods to the next town of Lerketh. They also indicated a possibility that they might join up with Chola and assist in her quest, if only to get on the road again. Chola agreed, and the caravan is scheduled to leave in three days.



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