Session 1

During her morning practice, Chola was summoned to the master of the monastery. He instructed her that he had a task for her: bringing help to defend the Silent Dragon monastery in the northeast above Galgoth. Their sacred site had been taken over, and they lacked the ability to retake it, and so had asked for aid (though they did not specify exactly what had taken their holy site). Chola accepted this quest and the guidance to find others along the way who would join in her quest as friends and compatriots. She was directed first to seek the village of Kindon, two days’ journey from the monastery.

As she traveled, Chola stumbled upon a small camp of hobgoblins, which attacked her on sight. The three-on-one battle was looking grim until a stranger named Ocarin appeared and dispatched two of her foes with his mighty bow. He introduced himself, stripped the hobgoblins of usable equipment, then headed off toward Kindon with Chola in tow. They encountered and dispatched a krenshar along the way, then arrived at Kindon at dusk.

Ocarin gave Chola one of the hobgoblins’ swords to sell to the blacksmith (Galdrunfel), along with instructions to meet him in the inn. She sold the sword for 10gp (the first time she had ever seen coinage), got a room in the inn (from the innkeeper named Lorkmir), and joined Ocarin and Rhivanya (who Ocarin introduced as his “associate”) over dinner. She learned that the daughter of the local animal trainer, Eldren Feragno, had been kidnapped by kobolds. They plan to leave shortly after sunrise in the morning to scout the situation with the kobolds, and “possibly just kill them all” depending on the outcome of the scouting.

Chola reached level 2.


Chola also avoided a potentially nasty encounter with a roc and a bugbear.

Session 1

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